"We will be exhibiting at the North London Guitar Show 2024 the ingenius AXE-LOCK LOCKING SADDLES (suitable for vintage and more modern style bridges) and   the innovative Tuning Peg - Bridge Block Strings Locking systems that require no modifications to the guitar to lock the strings. Visit our stand, have a chat, check the different options available and get one or “more” at super discounted prices with some gifts included."


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"No guitar modifications required - Existing Bridge and Tuners remain in place!!!"

"Alternate tunings in seconds, no tools required"

"Full Steel, Quality Precision Hardware Finish"

"Works with Right and Left-Handed guitars"

"Easily transferable to another guitar"

"Works with most tremolo bridges and tuning pegs"

"User installed in minutes"

"Multiple Locking Points - Bridge and Headstock Tuners"

"Works with most guitar brands"

"An alternative to the conventional locking tuners AND MORE!"




How to install

ALL Riffs

Step 1:

Insert the AXE-LOCK systems on each tuning post and adjust the grub screws (A) slightly inward as required to avoid popping out in case a string breaks or when replacing strings.


Tip: It is recommended not to overtighten the components.




ALL Riffs

Step 2:

Insert the AXE-LOCK holding plate system in the bridge block. Where the inserts are too tight, they may need to be installed one at a time for best results.

Once in place, it is time to fit the strings in each position (B) (starting with the D string is recommended to hold the plate in place), locking them in place between each washer and the holding plate with the 2.5mm hex-key provided. 

Slide them through the hole in the AXE-LOCK (C) and the tuning post (D).

Tip: If you are in a hurry, the systems allows the strings to be used in the traditional way by passing them through the block without locking them. 

ALL Riffs

Step 3:

Lock the strings manually using the Knurled Heads (E) and tighten the top component (F) for extra security using the 2.5mm hex-key provided.

Tip: The empty grub screw holes can be used to slide the strings through the tuning post.

All items remain in place during string replacement. 

Do not forget to stretch the strings for best results!

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